Six mindsets that can help us navigate the pressing challenges of our time

Zabe Khan
3 min readMay 3, 2023

“Can people change habits for climate?”

“A quarter of jobs set to change: WEF”

“Godfather of AI quits Google”

“City bosses demand return to office.”

These are just some of the headlines that feature prominently on LinkedIn recently. If you do more reading around these headlines, you cannot deny that we are unequivocally living in immensely turbulent times where disruptive change surrounds us. Societies are simultaneously impacted politically, socially, economically, environmentally and technologically. Suppose you are a business leader or world leader. If you do not have a political, environmental and technological change in your top three priorities, you probably don’t understand the gravity of challenges these three factors pose.

The critical question we must ask ourselves is how to function as individuals in a world impacted by such change. How do we lead our organisations and teams amongst these intricate complexities of our time?

The answers to these questions are not as clear-cut as we would like. Still, we can address them by challenging our behaviours, taking ownership and increasing our knowledge and understanding of the issues at stake. We can set ourselves up for success if we give…



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